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  • When will my order be shipped?
    -Expect from 3 to 14 days delivery time on national orders (The Netherlands). -7 to 21 on international orders. We want to make sure everything is perfect and handled with care.
  • Do you ship worldwide?
    Yes! We ship worldwide using selected global carriers. Send us a message and we will make it work!
  • Is my order insured while being shipped to me?
    Yes. Every shipment is insured from the moment it leaves our warehouse to the moment it arrives at your door.
  • Where are works dispatched from?
    We dispatch our works from Amsterdam.
  • What is a limited edition print?
    A limited edition print is part of a unique series of printed pieces. Limited editions are fixed in quantity, meaning we will only ever produce a certain number (normally 25 or 11).
  • What kind of art paper do we use?
    Archival Ink on Hahnemuhle art paper: The textured surface with fine felt structure adds depth and a three-dimensional effect to Skyler's fine art prints. Combined with the pure cotton base, this creates a wonderfully soft tactile feel and artistic impression.
  • How do I know my limited edition is authentic?
    Each work comes with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity (COA) signed by the artist. Additionally every work is hand signed and numbered by Steyn Skyler.
  • When I buy an art work, do I own the copyright?
    No. The copyright is not transferred to the purchaser of the art work.
  • Origin
    Our butterflies and insects come from butterfly gardens and conservation projects around the world. These projects serve to preserve the animals' natural habitat and wildlife. The animals are protected from their enemies, can complete their natural life cycle and reproduce safely.
  • Condition
    Please note that our butterflies and insects are natural products and are not always spotless and in perfect condition. They may have slight scratches or minor oddities. The colors displayed may vary. In addition, not all specimens always look exactly the same, so slight variations in patterns and colors are possible. All our insects are professionally and carefully prepared.
  • Information
    These butterflies are sustainably sourced, farm raised and collected ethically.
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